Paving the pathway towards a more connected and smarter future for a better world.

We at Phoenix Robotix strive to deliver the best of solutions to real-world problems, by acquiring and unlocking the hidden potential of siloed-data, leveraging the applications of data science, IoT analytics and sensor nodes, thus ensuring a dignified existence for every citizen making their lives smoother and safer through better decision making.

Stay a step ahead of the competition by embracing our ‘4.0’ solutions for business and industries.

We operate with cutting edge technologies which include industrial internet of things, cloud and cognitive computing, machine learning, big data and cyber-physical systems to overcome industrial challenges to connect devices, processes and systems, by turning them smart while unlocking their operational insights, scaling up their efficiency-reducing ownership costs, minimizing risks thus giving you a complete peace of mind.

Transforming city infrastructure to deliver efficient services to achieve urban sustainability.

Our smart city application platform leverages IoT technologies, using sensors and devices distributed over a network, monitoring and collecting data from various systems and elements to improve city utilities and better manage resources by making the data visible and actionable, so city authorities can build a better framework to make quality decisions based on information and insights.